4 Popular Austrian Dishes Every Traveler Should Taste

Of all the European countries, Austria is a bit different for its culture, heritage, history, architecture. Yes! We could say a lot of things about this nation, but what most strikes is its food. Nowadays, Austrian foods are thriving with diverse cuisine and delicious dishes. So, in this article, we have put together the four most popular Austrian dishes to ensure your trip to Austria becomes a memorable one. Let’s move forward and read the article.

Wiener Schnitzel

Popular Austrian Dishes Every Traveler Should TasteAmong various Austrian dishes, Wiener-Schnitzel stands at the top. With a thin slice of butterflied meat, which is veal and coated in a layer of eggs, breadcrumbs, and flour, this dish will certainly amaze you with its taste. People who have yet to try this dish might feel skeptical for veal but you should try this out because it is served with Kopfsalat or potato salad and a sliced lemon. On a side note, the Wiener-Schnitzel has a special law (it must be served with veal) as it is a significant part of this country’s culture.

Apple Strudel

Popular Austrian Dishes Every Traveler Should TasteThe second dish that you must try is the Apple Strudel. It is a traditional Austrian dessert (genuinely a pastry) made of raisins, apple, sugar, cinnamon, and breadcrumbs. First, you need to bake it until it becomes flaky and gets a golden color. After that it is served with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream on top, making it delectable for the foodies. Note that the strudel is an influential food of the local café culture, meaning that you must try it once.

Sacher Torte

Popular Austrian Dishes Every Traveler Should TasteSacher Torte is one of the world’s popular chocolate and it is one of the best Austrian dishes as well. The first time this dish got popularity was in 1832 and the origin of the dish was at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna. If you want to eat the chocolate cake, you must go into the Sacher Café, which is inside the hotel. Thinly coated with a layer of apricot jam and covered with chocolate icing, this dish will definitely win your heart. The Hotel Sacher is best served with whipped cream and a side of coffee and you will love it for its sweeter taste and awesome chocolate flavor.


Popular Austrian Dishes Every Traveler Should TasteThe last dish on our list is the Tafelspitz. It is the national dish of Austria and is made with a piece of boiled beef and veggies and spices. All these are served in a broth and Tafelspitz happens to be the national food for a reason. Those of who are meat aficionados would love to eat this dish with meat coming from the bottom sirloin primal cut. In fact, it is well-aged and is served with roasted potato slices. Not to mention, you will get a mixture of apples and horseradish, making it more delicious than any other dish in Austria.

Bottom Line

If you are traveling to Austria for the first time, then you must try these above dishes. Each of the dishes will give you a different kind of taste with unique flavor and ingredients. So, let us know if you have any suggestion by commenting below.